Some time ago, I thought to myself.. ‘You know, I loved being pregnant. It was one of the greatest times and experiences in my life.’ The only downfall to this thought was that I wouldn’t be having any more of my own children anytime soon. I am a young, single mom to my handsome little man who will be two this September. I know that more children really aren’t in my near future, or maybe not even in my distant future, only time will tell. But pregnancy, labor, and delivery were all far too easy for me to just sit back and not do anything. This is where my surrogacy journey began. The thought was first putĀ into my head in December of 2013. When it was brought up, I basically said, “no way!” I thought there wasn’t any way I could go through nine months of pregnancy with someone else’s child and be able to give that baby up. And then a someone said to me, “you’re just an oven.” And from that point on, I knew this was something I’d have to do. Those words have stuck with me and I will never forget the moment that I decided I want to help someone else become a mom or a dad. Everyone should have that opportunity if they want it, and being around many others that have had fertility issues, I had to take this chance to help others.

So here I am, six months into this journey, after going back and forth with deciding if the timing was right, and working on mending personal relationships, I’m finally getting all my calendar dates to begin my cycle. I have met with my intended parents via skype once, and I just met with my intended father over lunch last week while he was in the states. They are wonderful people and have had an incredible struggle, so I am so very lucky to get to be working with them, and am very hopeful for success!

I’ll be posting updates and probably bump pics throughout the journey. This was something I meant to do for my own pregnancy with my son, but never found the time. But I want to look back on this journey and remember all of the positive times.